Yohani De Silva

yohani de silva

Yohani De Silva

Yohani Diloka de Silva (born July 30, 1993), popularly known as Yohani, is a Sri Lankan singer, songwriter, rapper, music producer, and YouTube. She is also a celebrity on TikTok and is a business woman who imports and exports musical instruments.

She began her music career as a YouTuber. She soon gained recognition for her 'God Bar' rap cover and released many of her singing and rap covers, earning her the title 'Princess of Sri Lanka'. She became famous and gained global recognition for the cover of "Manike Mage Hithe".

Yohani de Silva also became the first Sri Lankan singer to reach 2.97 million YouTube subscribers. This time the Sri Lankan singer sang in Bollywood movies. Yohani de Silva said in an interview that she is very fond of Bollywood songs.

Yohani has also learned Hindi as she wants to sing Bollywood songs. On the day she made that wish, her hopes were truly fulfilled in a few days. She recorded the song for the Bollywood movie Shiddat on September 29, 2021